Seyfo- tell us, what has happened from 1915 till 2014?
An international writing contest for young and old



1.    Description of the Seyfo- Project

Kano Suryoyo e.V. has launched the international writing contest. The main idea meets exactly to our association’s goal, which is to support the education of Suryoye in Germany in connection of the international writing contest. Kano Suryoyo e.V. would like to draw particularly attention, raise awareness and strength the national consciousness among us Suryoye with the Seyfo- Project.


Under Seyfo we understand not only what our nation has experienced in 1915, but also the pain before and after this time. For example, 1896, 1933 as well currently the torture which the people have to endure in Iraq and Syria. The Project is aimed at all people from all countries and would like to motivate them to write a story of history about the Seyfo in one of the below listed languages.


The international writing contest is a project in the framework of the association Kano Suryoyo e.V.. Up to now the Project is promoted by the following associations/organizations/foundations:

1.      Kano Suryoyo e.V. (

2.      Mor Afrem (

3.      Stiftung zum Erhalt und zur Förderung des Aramäischen Kulturerbes (

4.      Beth-Sefro Suryoyo/Othuroyo d'Belgika

5.      Stichting Inanna Foundation (




2.    The Contest: 

  1. It is allowed to write the stories in the following languages:
    1. Surayt (Eastern and Western) (latin Letters for Surayt-Western: look at the concept of Prof. Dr. Shabo Talay on Surayt Alphabet or syriac-aramic Letter) Note: These submissions are preferred!
    2. German
    3. Turkish
    4. Arab
    5. English
    6. French
    7. Swedish
    8. Dutch 
  1. The stories should max. contain 7500 characters
  2. The stories have to be sent at
  3. The received reports are evaluated by an independent jury* in a level of expectations, so the best submissions will be summarized in a book. In addition the selected authors will receive the publication of their stories in the book under their name and each 5 copies of the book.
  4. Deadline: 1st August 2014
  5. The evaluation of the stories by the jury and the announcement of the selected texts will take place on the Kano Gala 2014.


More information:

*The jury:

The jury will be composed as follows:

    1. Kano-member (Anja Demir, Basel Layous, Rami Behnan, Musa Ergin)
    2. Dipl.-Ing. Abdulmasih Barabraham, Dr. Selva Can, Attiya Gamri, Adnan Challma Kulhan, Nail Beth-Kinne, Nineb Lamassu, Fil. Dr. Zeki Yalçin, Yawsef Beth Turo


Sincerly yours,

The project group


Musa Ergin, Project Coordinator; email address:

Team Project Organization: Anja Demir,

Manuela Demir,,

Basel Layous,
Stefanie Imran,